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5 reasons to outsource software development to Poland

Software development outsourcing is an efficient business practice that is getting more and more popular in recent years. The concept is basic – You enter a partnership with a software house and it outsources its software developers who provide services for your company.

No matter if you are a small, medium or large enterprise, if you are looking for a software development agency to deploy working on your product, then Poland is undeniably one of your best options. But what exactly makes Poland so attractive and appreciated as an IT outsourcing location? Let’s take a closer look at our list of 5 reasons to outsource software development to Poland.

Why to outsource software development to Poland?

1. Top software developers in the world

Polish developers are widely recognizable in the world. They get the highest ranks in international programming contests including Microsoft ImagineCup, Google CodeJam, Google Distributed CodeJam, and TopCoder. An independent survey from HackerRank shows clearly that developers from Poland are amongst the best in the world.

But what does this chart really say? Competitions on HackerRank consist of various algorithmic puzzles and require different programming skills to be solved. They check the developers’ proficiency at using different technologies as well as their skill in problem-solving and abstract thinking. Moreover all challenges are evaluated against the accuracy and speed of the performance.

In 2016 HackerRank published an article showing, among



others, which country had the best score and which developers never gave up on the challenges. Polish developers were ranked 3rd, with China and Russia leading the pack. They ranked 98/100 on average across all challenges published on HackerRank website.

2. Location

Offshored software development is always a challenge. It is very important to make sure that you don’t experience communication problems related to a big time zone difference when working with any remote software development company. The bigger the time gap, the more attention you should pay to the transparency of the development process.

Poland uses Central European Time, so software development outsourcing to Poland from the United Kingdom or Germany means practically no time zone differences. For example, 9:00 AM in Warsaw is 8:00 AM in London. The situation becomes more complicated with the United States as there is always a 5 hour gap between Warsaw and the east shore and an 8 hour gap between Warsaw and the west shore. However, it is still a bearable time gap – far smaller than the time gap between the USA and countries situated in Asia like India and China.


connected world

3. Access to wide talent pool

Thanks to the excellent location, polish software companies have access to a wide range of talented specialists with broad expertise. Software developers from neighboring and closely-located countries like Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary, often are integrated parts of our teams. We simply enjoy working with each other.

Also, in all countries of the region, Computer Science and other related courses are among the most popular fields of study. Therefore, new work-eager graduates join the job market. every year

4. Easy communication

Poland for years has been holding high positions in the English Proficiency Index, the world’s largest ranking of countries regarding English skills. At this moment it is 16th of 112 ranked countries. The Polish education system emphasizes learning English, from primary school until university, so graduates are well-prepared to work for international companies. There are no understanding barriers connected with the linguistic background. Furthermore, many companies invest in their employees’ English skills by providing them with language courses as non-wage benefits.




5. Cultural similarities

Above developers’ technical skills there is one very important factor that is sometimes overlooked – cultural similarities. Poland is a democratic country and belongs to both NATO and the European Union, so if your business is based in Europe or the US, you won’t feel any cultural differences. Polish work culture, negotiations and doing business in general are alike as in western Europe or the United States, so you should not expect any habit-associated surprises while working with Polish developers. And it’s not only about business. Polish people don’t differ much (if at all) from western countries citizens as we are part of the West anyway. You’ll see it for yourself.

What you can build with software house from Poland?

Poland is the heart of the world for multinational offshore software development. Many technological giants, including Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Cisco, Samsung, and Intel have their research and development centers here. Polish software companies have access to a wide talent pool, which is one of the factors why they are so valued abroad.Moreover there is no such type of software that you cannot outsource to programmers from Poland. From desktop development, through Qt Qml development, to UX/UI design services. All you need is to find a software house specializing in the technology that interests you. With a little research, you will surely find a Polish company that will turn your ideas into reality.

It does not matter if you need software development services for startups or agile team to fuel your existing project’s team efforts. Polish software houses will match your expectations in terms of both the way of collaboration (either fixed-price or time-and-materials) and the quality of the delivery.

Why you should consider outsourcing software development to Poland?

The high quality of Polish IT services combined with excellent communication skills and economic factors are the driving forces that make Poland one of the top IT destinations in the world. Polish developers are masters in their trade located in the centre of Europe. Their English is more than decent and they don’t differ much from people in the west. Leading technology companies have already appreciated programmers from Poland. Now it’s your turn.

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