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Who are we?

We are a Qt QML consulting company. We help our customers achieve their objectives by providing them with skilled Qt developers.

Our goal is to provide high-quality software which means that we create easily managed, well documented and effortlessly maintainable software. We work in our productive scheme which is always adjusted to the specification of your project. We believe that there is nothing impossible in the case of Qt development.

Scythe Studio is always granted the title of The Qt Company's official service partner. We were the first partner in our part of Europe.

What do we do?

The majority of our projects are requested by customers developing advanced and modern software solutions. People with great ideas or Software Development Leads come to us with a need to develop a revolutionary HMI solutions or untypical applications.

As part of our Qt consulting services we provide three service options. You can either outsource single developers, a dedicated team or get the complete project from us!

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What industries need Qt consulting services?

Because of the characteristics of Scythe Studio, we have been part of projects from numerous industries.

Each project is different. Requirements are various depending on the specifics of particular industry. You may need custom healthcare software development, medical device, automotive cockpit, software for embedded, desktop or mobile platforms. In all of those cases we have experience and required know how.

lukasz kosinski scythe-studio ceo

Behind Scythe Studio

Scythe Studio company was raised by the current CEO - Lukas Kosiński in 2018

Passion for C++, Qt, QML and other software development technologies led Lukas to start work as freelancer and then to gather other developers in Scythe Studio team in order to make great projects. His ambition is to establish long-term relationships with both partners and employees.

The goal is to build a company that is the first choice for those in need for Qt consulting services.

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Top Qt development specialists and experts

All of our developers are our in-house employees.

Our main office is based in Warsaw, Poland. This region of Europe is widely recognized for the high level of programming skills and efficient communication. The majority of our team are Polish developers with solid background in C++, Qt, QML and other technologies.

Reliable. Smart. Proactive.

Meet members of our team

Łukasz Kosiński box image
Łukasz Kosiński
Chief Executive Officer
Jan Kieś box image
Jan Kieś
Chief Technology Officer
Jakub Wincenciak box image
Jakub Wincenciak
Qt Developer
Michał Woźniak box image
Michał Woźniak
Qt Developer
Radosław Kopiński box image
Radosław Kopiński
Qt Developer
Mateusz Fibor box image
Mateusz Fibor
Qt Developer
Kacper Kaleta box image
Kacper Kaleta
Qt Developer
Rustam Abdikeyev box image
Rustam Abdikeyev
Qt Developer
Marta Wilma box image
Marta Wilma
Project Manager
Mateusz  Fejcher box image
Mateusz Fejcher
Qt Developer
Ömer Faruk Dak box image
Ömer Faruk Dak
Qt Developer
Ewa Orzeszyna box image
Ewa Orzeszyna
Client Relations Manager
Bartosz Rudzki box image
Bartosz Rudzki
Software Developer
Patryk Stachniak box image
Patryk Stachniak
Junior Qt Developer

Contact us

Feel free to reach us. Scythe Studio team will write back immediately. One of our main values that we bring to customers' projects is that we are capable of launching or joining the projects fast.