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Target all systems at once

Don't limit yourself by selecting a single desktop platform for your app or bloat your technology stack with many frameworks. Hire Scythe-Studio cross-platform experts team and let us create high quality software products targeting Windows, Linux and macOS systems. All of that using a single Qt codebase and without any additional costs.

Bleeding edge technology

Technology is evolving right in front of our eyes. Keep up with the pace by hiring Scythe Studio experts. Our experienced staff provides cutting edge solutions using always up-to-date versions of innovative frameworks and tools.

Let us be a part of your project

Scythe-Studio is a group of Qt experts specialized in cross-platform development. Our goal is to provide high quality software and satisfy needs for a wide range of products. We create easily managed, well documented and effortlessly maintainable cross-platform software.

Projects outsourcing

Let us turn your idea into working product with our comprehensive software services. You can hire us to work on desktop projects internally - both in agile and milestones approach. Get end to end, ready to release software solutions with no need to coordinate project with other subcontractors. Our company offers not only software development services, but also architecture design, implementation of backend services, UI/UX design maintenance and many more.
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Comprehensive development

Choose any approach to app development you want - we will take care of the rest. Our development teams are capable of creating both frontend and backend solutions. For user clients we utilise Qt cross-platform framework with GUI based on QtQuick or QtWidgets module. In case of server-side applications we take advantage of Laravel and NodeJS frameworks.
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With Qt development services we provide an easy way to port your existing or future apps from the desktop to other platforms like mobile, embedded devices or even web. If you need to migrate your codebase from older Qt versions to a newer ones Scythe Studio can also lend you a hand. Let us port your existing non-Qt applications and make your app target a substantial amount of new users.


We can help deploy your existing project using user-friendly, publish-ready packages and installers for your app. Installers can be customizable to provide a great feel and look and broad range of features.

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Feel free to reach us. Scythe Studio team will write back immediately.