The importance of software maintenance

In the rapidly changing world, your company cannot let itself stay behind competitors in any given field. To be an absolute leader in your industry, you especially need your software to be up-to-date, well-maintained and therefore, running with absolute precision. To achieve this, your business should implement a software support and maintenance procedures. Not any software support and maintenance, but the top-quality one. Such as the services we are providing!

What problems can be solved by software support and maintenance?

The main purpose of these procedures is to modify and update software applications to improve their performance and to correct any faults. Software maintenance and support will help you also with: • Adding completely new features, • Adjusting applications to changing hardware specification, • Implementing enhancements, • Interfacing maintained software with other systems, • Fixing any possible errors in your software's codes, • Removing of outdated functions if needed.

What projects need support and maintenance?

Software maintenance is a must for any application or system that are supposed to serve your business and customers for a long time. You should implement software maintenance and support procedures to take care of all the programs that you use to keep your company running on the day-to-day basis. That way, it will continue to be an effective and profitable business enterprise for many years to come.

Scythe Studio software support and maintenance services

What exactly can we offer to you in terms of software maintenance and support at Scythe Studio. We use many dedicated tools that will let you improve the processes you have, automate distribution, and release updates more often. What are some examples of services that we are providing for our clients? You'll find a convenient list of software support and maintenance services that we specialize in below!

bug fixing

Bug fixing

Our team of world-class specialists will detect and adress all errors in your programs. We will repair various areas of your software, be it design, logic or code.

New features implementation

Have no doubt: your systems are going to undergo an evolution during their life cycle. Their requirements and features would have to change, both due to users demands and due to hardware and operating systems development. Scythe Studio will develop new features for your software that will both be compatible with a current state of ever-modernizing IT technology and respond efficiently to the expectations of your clients at the same time.

Software architecture re-designing

Sometimes only big changes in your programs code can save you and your clients from serious troubles. Other times, a smart redesign of your software can make your software more efficient and compatible with modern systems. In both cases, we can plan the whole procedure and implement it by skilled hands of our programmers.

Software optimization

It is a key in having an efficiently functional applications and systems. Scythe Studio will gladly take the responsibility for this aspect of your company's functioning. We will: • Monitor and analyze the performance of your software expertly, • Identify ways to improve it, • Implement the changes in codes for performance improvements in a fast and cost-effective manner.


Code refactoring

Improve maintainability and extensibility of your software by a few subtle, yet smart touches of our developers! One or two small changes in the back-end of your systems and apps can lead to lower costs for fixing bugs or extending your programs with new features. At the same time, proper code refactoring won't change software performance and users experience.


Not only can we improve your software performance, but your team's performance too! In our unique mentoring programme we offer your employees access to dedicated workshops, courses and coaching. Better understanding of software they are working with will be an invaluable asset in your employees knowledge and skills base.

Qt specialization

Every true expert needs a specialization. Our forte is Qt framework. Thus, providing Qt support and maintenance is not a work for our programmers, but rather a lifelong passion! If your software is based on Qt framework, Scythe Studio should be your first choice.
qt service partner
support and maintenance process

Our support and maintenance process

  1. Change request

    To develop a list of software requirements, we collect and analyze information. We base our research on testers experiences and expertise of managers.

  2. Change management

    Before we start the actual corrective or perfective work, we devise a complete action plan. Our goal is to work out solutions that are going to best meet the specific project requirements.

  3. Impact analysis

    All the programs you use have to cooperate and be compatible with each other. To ensure this, we analyze the impact of changes in the deployed product or application on your software and systems as a whole.

  4. Release planning

    All the extensive tests and brainstorm sessions let our experts to create bug reports and a complete project of how a new release of modernized software should look like. On this stage, we complete a list of all the new features and actualizations we are going to implement in the next step.

  5. Change implementation

    This is the favorite part for our programmers - the moment when they finally can put their hands on keyboards and start coding. By much-needed changes in the software's codes, we correct any and all errors, actualize and add new features to programs to change your systems and applications for the better!

  6. Release

    Not only are we going to develop new versions of your software but release them, too! Our services include developing beta versions of your modernized systems and apps. If, upon the feedback from these test versions users, we discover that our products need any further changes, we eagerly improve our work before handing its final version to you. Only perfection makes us happy!

Why should you outsource your software support and maintenance in the first place?

Software support and maintenance is complex and involves a range of services, from bug fixing to implementing new features in already existing programs. Hiring a third-party specialists - such as Scythe Studio - to do all these tasks would be more cost-effective, efficient and less risky for most businesses. Instead of employing a software support and maintenance team in-house, use the power of our knowledge and experience to run your company more smoothly (and make your IT department life easier, too!).

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