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HMI development services

From design to testing, our HMI software solutions and programming expertise streamline user interactions and address business challenges. In today's world, a touchable screen is not just a luxury—it's the standard for countless machine devices.

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Do you need custom HMI software for your device, but you lack time or expertise?

Facing tight deadlines or navigating the intricacies of HMI programming without the right expertise can be overwhelming. Integrating new solutions into existing systems and deciphering requirements only add to the challenge. That's where Scythe Studio steps in. As more than just HMI programmers, we're your partners in crafting seamless user interfaces. Let us transform these complexities into solutions, allowing you to focus on your core objectives.

Boost your HMI project with our experts

What values does Scythe Studio bring to your Human Machines Interface project?


At Scythe Studio, rapid response is our signature. Initiating projects within an average of two weeks, we blend efficiency with top-tier HMI solutions. Partnering with us translates to optimized operations and accelerated project timelines.

Long-term collaboration

With over 90% of our clients returning after their initial delivery, the numbers speak volumes. In the dynamic realm of HMI solutions, having a reliable partner like Scythe Studio makes all the difference. Our bond is built on trust, consistency, and proven results.


Scythe Studio's strength lies in our extensive in-house knowledge. Covering every aspect of HMI development like embedded, PLC and software development, our expertise ensures that all facets of your project are addressed with precision and insight, delivering a cohesive and effective HMI solution.

Support with concept works

We assist in requirements engineering, stakeholder interviews, and UX/UI design, ensuring your vision is accurately captured. Additionally, our prototypes bring potential HMI solutions to life.

Boost your HMI project with our experts

What HMI solutions and services do we provide?

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What industries need HMI solutions?


From advanced medical imaging software to surgical robotics, our HMI solutions empower healthcare professionals. We specialize in integrating DICOM viewers and PACS, ensuring efficient and precise medical procedures.

Industrial automation

Drive operational efficiency in the heart of industry with our HMI solutions. Seamlessly integrating SCADA, PLC, and CAD, we lay the foundation for streamlined production and process management.


Navigate the future of automotive technology with us. Our expertise spans from CAN-BUS integrations, to Android Automotive and IVI graphical user interface development, enhancing in-car user experiences and driving innovations.

Electronics and IoT

Elevate your electronics and IoT devices with tailored HMI solutions. With capabilities like remote connection, Bluetooth integrations, and MCU optimizations, we bridge the gap between users and their smart devices.

How do we approach new HMI software projects?

At Scythe Studio, every project holds significance. Here are the essential steps we follow to guarantee successful project delivery.

Comprehensive interviews with your experts

Through in-depth workshops, we collaborate closely with our clients to understand their specific needs. By analyzing case scenarios and gauging the project's potential business impact, we ensure alignment from the outset.

Project Development Strategy

We meticulously design User Experience, UI, system component architectures, and outline high-level software and hardware blueprints. With a focus on optimal results, we set clear milestones, possibly even paving the way for a Minimal Viable Product (MVP).

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We utilize tools like Squish for UI testing, combined with rigorous unit and integration testing. Moreover, our experts conduct thorough manual tests, ensuring the highest standard of functionality and reliability.

Boost your HMI project with our experts

Our technologies of choice for HMI programming

We believe that selecting the right technology for HMI development is as fundamental as choosing the right materials for building a home

Qt framework for HMI software development

Qt is a seasoned framework for HMI development, using the Qt Quick module with its QML language to let you create modern and stunning graphical user interfaces. Perfect for touch-enabled HMI displays. This cross-platform tool thrives even on resource-limited hardware.

Linux as the solid as the solid OS base for all HMI systems

While numerous projects operate on Windows and we use it quite often, Linux often emerges as the go-to for many HMI systems. With its customizable image, Linux provides a tailored environment that frequently offers the optimal blend of flexibility and stability for HMI needs.

C, C++ and Python programming languages for seamless integration

These languages reign supreme in HMI development. C and C++ allow interfacing with low-level embedded libraries and data transfer protocols ensuring robust performance. Meanwhile, Python offers versatility, simplifying integrations with various solutions, and streamlining the software development process.

Our HMI solutions portfolio

Meet some of the projects that have come out of Scythe Studio:

  • Custom medical software for spine surgery system
  • IVI automotive cockpit
  • Breathing patient monitoring system
Custom medical software for spine surgery system

We created a modern medical software solution for spine surgery that blends PACS and DICOM capabilities. Our solution is contained within the medical equipment and provides surgical staff with a user-friendly interface that adjusts to the specific needs of the spine surgery method.

Boost your HMI project with our experts

What customers say about us?

Numerous Software Development Heads and CTOs globally have collaborated with us on their endeavors. Check out the feedback they've provided.

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What do you gain by introducing HMI solutions with us?

Within Scythe Studio, we've cultivated a seamless collaboration framework, bridging the synergy between our team and yours.

  • Price and time-to-start of outsourcing compared to hiring

  • Well-established process and support from professionals

  • Long term collaboration

  • Integration within existing solutions structure

How would next steps look like?

Our journey starts with a simple step: fill out a form to schedule a meeting with us. Then, to ensure that we meet your expectations, we take the following steps:

1. Quick response

After receiving the request, we will respond within one working day. We understand that time is crucial for our customers and will ask you some questions in order to understand your project better and prepare for the next phase.

3. Analysis and proposal

According to the details that you presented to us during our first talk, we will either undertake an in-depth study of your case and recommend steps to take, or we will present you with an initial offer.

2. Introduction meeting

Our first meeting will be an hour-long introduction call. You will have the option to speak with our sales representative and a technical specialist during this conversation. You may also bring anyone you choose to participate in the discussion. During the conversation, we will offer you free technical assistance on topics such as how to select the best technology for your project.

4. Dispelling doubts

We realize how important it is to select the correct partner for your project. You have the option of screening us or our consultants before making a selection to guarantee that you are partnering with the proper people.

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