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Custom Medical Software Development

We are experts in developing software for the medical industry

We create and deploy custom medical software satisfying the highest requirements for quality and security in a fulfilling time.

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Check if external support is good choice for your medical product development

  • Yes, if you don't have access to experts with backgrounds in programming, engineering, analysis, and clinical research.

  • Yes, if you got a team of experts and also challenging deadlines to meet.

  • No, if you have immediate access to an unlimited number of experienced experts to work on your medical project.

Why Scythe Studio for custom healthcare software development?

We offer access to highly qualified programmers with experience in medical applications who are familiar with medical legislation and safety regulations.

Fast project start-up

Our average time to start a new project is two weeks, offering you faster access to professionals and saving you time.


We ensure confidentiality and transparency for specialized medical software development and our dedication to privacy will keep your intellectual property safe.

Quick prototyping - with QML

We deliver critical for R&D projects prototypes to make your customers/investors attracted.

Specialized knowledge

We have access to experts in niche technologies, like Qt, QML, OpenGL, OpenCV, C++, and embedded solutions.

Long-term commitment

We protect your long-term projects software team's development status by supplying required replacements as needed.

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What we can do for you?

We create software that is customized to your requirements. Here are some examples of projects we could work on together.

Why to work with us?

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Consult your project with us
  • We know the needs of the medical industry

  • Support at every stage

  • Ensuring Timely Delivery

  • Stable cooperation


Why Qt framework is our choice for medical software development?

Qt framework is a stable and powerful toolkit that allows you to create efficient applications with beautiful UI. Why Qt is the technology of choice for most of our projects?

Outstanding performance

Qt has a core based on efficient and popular C++ language. Thanks to it, the performance and security of applications is significantly increased and developers can connect other, external libraries based on C++.


Use the same codebase to generate ready to use applications for many, different devices: Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, or embedded systems. This way you save a significant amount of resources while speeding up the software development process - no more hiring several, independent teams of developers.

Meets medical certification standards

Qt Safe Renderer module has been deemed suitable for life-sustaining and life-saving devices. TÜV NORD has confirmed that Qt Safe Renderer meets the requirements of the following standards: • IEC 62304:2015 • IEC 61508:2010-3 7.4.4 • ISO 9001:2015

Qt Safe Renderer

In case life-saving software stops working for any reasons, Qt Safe Renderer allows the surgeon to have access to particular data during surgery. It works independently from the rest of the program, displaying critical information for the doctor when the main application stops working.

Quick and cheap development process

In case life-saving software stops working for any reasons, Qt Safe Renderer allows the surgeon to have access to particular data during surgery. It works independently from the rest of the program, displaying critical information for the doctor when the main application stops working.

Ready-made modules to speed up medical software development

Qt contains numerous ready to use functionalities like 3D models, Bluetooth, NFC or GPS localization, that can be integrated with the existing code in a childishly easy way.

What is most important to us in medical software?

Safety and reliability

We create software modules that work independently of each other, guaranteeing that critical functions stay operational. Furthermore, to ensure data privacy and patient safety, healthcare software has to conform to regulations such as IEC 62304.

High performance

Thanks to the logic created in C++ and our team of experienced specialists we achieve the highest possible application performance, while maintaining a user-friendly interface.

Software architecture

Before we start process of creating a medical application we plan the structure of its logic and data management schemes in detail to assure long-term use.

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projects in our portfolio Check out

Trust the experts experienced in collaboration with medical devices producers and healthcare institutions

  • Custom medical software for spine surgery system
  • Mobile app for blood analysis device
  • Breathing patient monitoring system
  • Custom UX/UI panel software development
Custom medical software for spine surgery system

We created specialized medical software for a spine surgery system. Our solution consisted of PACS integration as well as DICOM functionality, and it was implemented as Software in a Medical Device. Our team focused on providing a user-friendly interface for the surgical staff while paying great attention to the system's particular requirements.

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Our journey starts with a simple step: fill out a form to shedule a meeting with us. Then, to ensure that we meet your expecations, we take the following steps.

1. Fill out a form

Fill out a form and we will respond within one working day.

3. Analysis and proposal

After analysis, we will present you with an initial offer.

2. Introduction meeting

Take free technical assistance during the first hour-long meeting. You will have the option to speak with our sales representative and a technical specialist during this conversation. You may also bring anyone you choose to participate in the discussion.

4. Ready to start

We are ready to start collaboration on the development of innovative medical software.

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