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Why does the healthcare industry play such a significant role?

Every one of us use it

We use medical services practically over all of our lives - starting from buying medicines from the pharmacy, through simple procedures at the dentist, to more serious surgeries.

Pushes science forward

More and more dangerous diseases, and the desire to find a cure for diseases accompanying mankind for a long time, have always effectively accelerated our development and improved the quality and length of human life.

One of the largest and most profitable industries

Before the medicine reaches our hands it has to go an extensive way. Production, tests, certifications, but also the logistics itself requires a lot of work of many people, including programmers who create management systems.

The critical importance of medical software development

Every level of the medical industry requires high quality products, and therefore detail from humans - after all, its services are meant to save lives. Therefore, it is not surprise that various types of dedicated medical software are widely used in this industry. Thanks to that, the risk of human error is effectively minimized and human work is significantly simplified. This saves a lot of costs and time, while increasing quality and efficiency.

Meet the main beneficiaries of healthcare software

Dedicated medical software makes life easier and helps to improve the quality of many people’s lives. It is a medicine that has helped in increasing the life length of humans and also in reducing the number of fatal diseases. We proudly contribute our part in making the world a better place, by developing healthcare software. Our work has a direct impact on the lives of major groups of people, such as:

Doctors, surgeons, nurses
Clinics, treatment centers
Manufacturers of medical equipment
Professional athletes
People who want to monitor their health

Touchscreens make life easier for end users

In more and more industries - including the medical field - touchscreen devices are gaining popularity. This growing trend isn’t without a reason – a departure from the traditional mouse and keyboard use not only speeds up work, but also makes it easier - see why:


Medical software is the intermediary between the user and the advanced logic behind the application backend. It is important that the user has access to as much valuable information as possible. Touch screens, because of their size, but also their scrolling capabilities, can interact with him in a simple and user-friendly way.

Easiness of use

During surgery, the surgeon may not have the time or even the possibility to use the software with a mouse or keyboard. With the help of touch screens he can control the procedure with a single drag of a finger.


Medical apps of everyday use can be easily installed on your smartphone and tablet. You can then use them to monitor your health, or control an external device, such as

High quality means high responsibility

Healthcare software development is a process that requires extreme accuracy, as well as the ability to anticipate all use cases. For that reason several important factors need to be considered when developing healthcare software:

Safety and reliability

Certain information, like for example the patient's blood pressure and pulse rate during surgery, may be essential for the doctor. It cannot happen that the application suddenly stops working - some of its elements must work independently from the rest of the application. In order to achieve that, crucial functionalities of the app should be separated from the less important ones, wherever it’s possible.


While most applications should be optimized, this is much more important in the case of medical software. Human health or even life is at stake - it is unacceptable that surgeon's work is slowed down by application’s low performance. Thanks to the logic created in C++ and our team of experienced specialists we can achieve the highest possible application performance, while maintaining a user-friendly interface.

Application architecture and data security

Before the process of creating a medical application begins, the structure of its logic must be planned in detail, as well as data management schemes - both for patients and staff. We want the application to work as efficiently as possible, while preserving the operation of critical functions, and the patient wants to remain anonymous. For this purpose, it is worthwhile to use a consultation

Scalability and longevity of hardware

In case of dedicated devices, software is not enough - we should also make sure, that the hardware on which it is running, allows the smoothest and most efficient work of the launched application. Such hardware should also work reliably, and often uninterruptedly for many years. It must be good enough to be able to run latest software updates.

Why Qt framework is a perfect choice for medical software development?


Qt framework is a stable and powerful toolkit that allows you to create efficient applications with beautiful UI. Qt is the technology of choice for all of our projects. Something we extremely specialize in. Why is Qt a good choice for healthcare software development?

Outstanding performance
Qt has a core based on efficient and popular C++ language. Thanks to it, the performance and security of applications is significantly increased. Additionally, developers can connect other, external libraries based on C++.
Qt is a cross-platform framework. It means that using the same codebase you can generate ready to use applications for many, different devices: Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, or embedded systems. This way you save a significant amount of resources while speeding up the software development process - no more hiring several, independent teams of developers.
Meets medical certification standards
Task your project to trusted publishers. Mentioned below Qt Safe Renderer module has been deemed suitable for life-sustaining and life-saving devices. TÜV NORD has confirmed that Qt Safe Renderer meets the requirements of the following standards: • IEC 62304:2015 • IEC 61508:2010-3 7.4.4 • ISO 9001:2015
Qt Safe Renderer
What in a situation where life-saving software stops working for some reasons? The surgeon must still have access to particular data during surgery. Qt includes a dedicated solution that comes in handy in these types of cases - the Qt Safe Renderer, a certified module approved for use in life support and life-saving devices. This module works independently from the rest of the program, displaying critical information for the doctor when the main application stops working.
Quick and cheap development process
Qt Quick module, in which we have experience, is an innovative solution that allows to create the appearance of the application in a straightforward way. By using Qml language, our developers are able to quickly and effortlessly adjust the look of the application to the changes introduced by the designers team. This language can be easily combined with the logic created in pure C++, resulting in a smooth, eye-catching design with a stable backend.
Ready-made modules
Does your application use 3D models, Bluetooth, NFC or maybe GPS localization? These are commonly used functionalities, but implementing them requires a lot of work. However, this is not the case if you use Qt - it contains numerous ready to use modules, that can be integrated with the existing code in a childishly easy way. Qt framework also provides various solutions, such as Qt Safe Renderer. This tool displays key information even if the main software stops working for some reason.

Let us create your healthcare software

Do not choose a development team blindly - entrust the work to proven experts. Scythe Studio is a group of Qt Qml specialists, experienced in cross-platform application development. Our goal is to deliver high quality software and meet the needs of a wide range of products. We have extensive experience in healthcare software development. We can develop a medical application together with you, regardless of its purpose or target platform. Take a look at solutions that we can deliver.

Dedicated applications for medical devices

Applications for special platforms and medical devices. This type of software has a complex logic, but also a clear, user-friendly interface. Applications of this type usually interact with the user through touch screens.

Healthcare apps

We develop apps for smartphones, tablets and desktops that make your daily life easier and help you monitor your health. We publish the software in the most popular app stores such as Google Play, App Store, and Microsoft Store.

Control applications

Special software for smartphones designed to control external medical devices. We are also able to connect the application with devices monitoring health parameters, such as smartwatches.

Change the world for the better with Scythe Studio - let's create a revolutionary medical device!

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