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Mobile Development

We expertise in cross-platform development, so we are ready to bring your mobile project to live on the most popular smartphone platforms.

Desktop development

Create high quality desktop applications using Scythe Studio team. Just let us know about your requirements or let us help you specifying them.


We are ready to get you advices about possibilities on IT market and about technologies you could use to create your project. Choose right approach and create project specification with us.

We are the group of Qt and C++ development specialists being recognized thanks to the quality of deliveries and to the unusual commitment. We have a proven track of projects developed for companies from various industries.

Besides cross-platform software development we provide software support, maintenance, consultations, trainings and Ul/UX designing services.

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We specialize in cross-platform development using Qt Framework

Qt is a mature multi-platform framework that is one of the best choices for cross-platform software development. This programming approach allows releasing apps on multiple platforms using the same codebase. It offers a way to develop applications with short time-to-market and significant cost-savings. In Scythe Studio we believe that it is the best way to develop applications that meet huge market demands and attract a wide audience.

Platforms supported by Qt Framework

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Thanks to our exceptional involvement, we became an official service partner of The Qt Company that is backing this outstanding framework. This great distinction makes us a software house you can trust.

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Innovative software for industries

Our comprehensive services are target to companies from wide range of industries. Take a look at the most common fields that we work with.




Crypto currencies and Blockchain

Aerospace and Defense


Check our projects

Zoho Books Forecasting – cross-platform Qt desktop application main image

Zoho Books Forecasting – cross-platform Qt desktop application

Zoho Books Forecasting is a desktop application for visualising financial history and making forecasts for companies utilising the Zoho Books platform for accounting and keeping track of their financial situation. Although being an application with a pretty simple UI, it provides broad functionality for representing incomes, expenses and cash flow of the company and enhances the functionality of Zoho Books platform.

Details main image is a cross-platform, mobile application that brings home users functionalities of Egoo - platform for accurate bio-marker testing. We are proud to be a part of this project and that is why we want to present how Scythe Studio worked to make this vision a reality.

Buddy In Tour main image

Buddy In Tour

Buddy In Tour is a project of mobile application targeted for smartphones based on iOS and Android. Application is designed for professional truckers and it provides many helpful features for them. The project’s goal was to simplify truckers' lives and to make processes like fuel usage or finances calculation automated. Buddy In Tour is an effect of Scythe Studio’s initiative in order to support workers in the transport industry as it is key to global trade.

Ozarkfalls main image


Even in the case of specialistic software, a comfortable and responsive UI increases the efficiency of usage. This also applies to Ozarkfalls - new software project which was planned to provide dedicated solution for controlling and planing military robots fieldwork.

Don’t Touch The Green main image

Don’t Touch The Green

"Don't Touch The Green" is a dynamic arcade game, testing the player's perception and reflexes in an unusual way. The player's goal is to match the colours with their proper names without touching any green elements. However, there is one catch - the font colour of the text and its background, does not match its name!  In the game there is a dynamic level of difficulty, which, among other things, reduces the intervals in the appearance of colors and increases the maximum number of elements on the screen, making the challenge all the more intense as the time passes by. Over time, the gameplay is also supplemented by new elements that the player must pay attention to - emojis.


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How do we develop projects for our customers?

Comprehensive projects development

Comprehensive projects development

End-to-end software development solutions, perfect to forge ideas into business. This service, based on a fixed price-model, provides everything you need to make your detailed vision a real high-quality product.

Team leasing

Team leasing

Perfect choice when the scope of the project is flexible or requirements are fluid. This service provides you with a tailored team of experts contributing to your project in an agile approach.

Body leasing

Body leasing

Boost your existing development team performance by empowering it with Scythe Studio experts.

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Main technologies used

We focus on being experts in what we do. Here you'll find some of technologies in which we specialize.

Deep dive into tech and company life

We care about the community, thus our developers share their knowledge via our company blog. You will find there unique materials about programming technologies, software development, managing the projects, news from life of Scythe Studio company and much more.

Scythe Studio at Qt World Summit 2022

Don’t miss this event – Scythe Studio at Qt World Summit 2022

Qt World Summit is the yearly event organized by The Qt Company for all the people interested in Qt QML coding, UX/UI designing using Qt tools, quality assurance software and in general project development using Qt framework. So it doesn’t matter if you are a developer, tester, designer or manager. Qt World Summit 2022 is an event for you.
The event takes place on Wednesday 9th November from 09:00 AM to 02:00 PM CET. It’s fully online and you can register here.

Flutter vs React Native vs Qt comparison

Flutter vs React Native vs Qt in 2022

Choosing the best framework to develop an application is a tough task. Nonetheless, that is a critical decision to make before starting the development of your next project. Currently, quite a popular method of software development is cross platform software development. What is cross platform development? This is an approach that allows you to reuse code between different operating systems like iOS and Android or macOS and Windows. Following this way of apps development is first of all cost and time effective. In multiple cases, it is a better approach than native app development. Therefore, if you want to follow this approach, reduce costs and develop apps more quickly, you need to use a cross platform framework such as Flutter, React Native or Qt. But which one to choose? In this article, we compare Flutter vs React Native vs Qt to help you answer that question.

How to integrate C++ and Qml? Registering Enums

How to integrate C++ and Qml? Registering Enums

We continue our series of blog posts about integrating C++ and Qml. Last time we covered registering C++ types as singletons in Qml. Today we will proceed with another frequently used technique in Qt software development ― utilizing C++ enums in Qml code. In this article we continue using the most recent method of integrating C++ code and Qml ― CMake command qt_add_qml_module().

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