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We specialize in cross-platform development for wide range of platforms. Our projects are unique and highly sophisticated software created with attention and care. Software requested by our customers fulfill specific needs and meet highest standards. All of that is achieved thanks to usage of Qt QML technology.


Developing Human Machine Interface (HMI) system is the most common service we provide. We have a solid experience in developing software with advanced user interface for devices using touch screens. Qt Quick - the technology we use for this purpose, provides an efficient way to develop HMI.


Qt is a mature technology that is used in wide selection of desktop applications. It allows you to either have a fully custom user interface with many animations and rich visual effects or natively looking software. Let us know about your requirements or allow us to help you specify them.e are ready to get you advices about possibilities on IT market and about technologies you could use to create your project. Choose right approach and create project specification with us.

We are the group of Qt and C++ development experts. We have been recognized for the quality of provided solutions and the unusual commitment. We have a proven track of projects developed for companies in medical industry, electronics, industrial automation and much more.

Besides cross-platform software development we provide software support, maintenance, consultations, trainings and Ul/UX designing services. Qt software development services we provide software maintenance and support, Quality Assurance, HMI development, consultations, trainings and UX/UI designing services.

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We specialize in cross-platform development using Qt framework

Qt is a mature and open-source framework that is the best choice if you target multiple platforms. The framework is great for coding not only user interfaces, but also applications' logic. Cross-platform programming approach allows releasing apps on multiple platforms using the same code base. It offers a way to develop applications with short time-to-market and significant cost-savings. In Scythe Studio we believe that it is the best way to develop applications that meet huge market demands and attract a wide audience.

Platforms supported by Qt Framework

You can release Qt and QML applications on wide spectrum of platforms. That includes embedded, desktop, mobile and even web.

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Thanks to our exceptional involvement, we became an official service partner of The Qt Company that is backing this outstanding framework. This great distinction makes us a software house you can trust.

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Innovative software for industries

Our comprehensive software development services are targeted to companies from a wide range of industries. Take a look at the most common fields that we work in:

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We have been working on software designed for various purposes. That includes highly customized medical software, automotive IVIs and cockpit, mobile applications and plenty of other projects. We have also been involved in Qt consulting projects that required a limited input from external group of experts such as Scythe Studio. We follow modern and efficient programming techniques by using Qt, QML, C++ and other technologies.

Qt QML desktop application − Games Launcher case study main image

Qt QML desktop application − Games Launcher case study

Qt Framework, with its wide variety of modules, can be used to implement any type of project - from the military robot control panel, through medical applications, to games launcher and updater. The last case was the one we had the pleasure to implement. If you wonder how this desktop app was done, you can learn it in this post. Keep in mind, that you can find out about our other projects in our portfolio.

Qt Automotive cockpit − case study main image

Qt Automotive cockpit − case study

The automotive cockpit for the revolutionary and innovative electric vehicle was another project we helped our customers with. Using Qt we developed an automotive cockpit. The designed cockpit consisted of three independent displays presenting the driver with critical information like a speedometer, warning icons, and other IVI features.

Zoho Books Forecasting − cross-platform Qt desktop application main image

Zoho Books Forecasting − cross-platform Qt desktop application

Zoho Books Forecasting is a desktop application for visualising financial history and making forecasts for companies utilising the Zoho Books platform for accounting and keeping track of their financial situation. Although being an application with a pretty simple UI, it provides broad functionality for representing incomes, expenses and cash flow of the company and enhances the functionality of Zoho Books platform.


What people are saying about us

Many Software Development Leads and CTOs around the world had an opportunity to work with us on their projects. See the testimonials given by them.

How we work?

Our Qt software development and other consulting services provided to the clients in three diversed services options. See which one would be the best choice for you.

Comprehensive projects development

Comprehensive projects development

End-to-end software development solutions, perfect to forge ideas into business. This service, based on a fixed price-model, provides everything you need to make your detailed vision a real high-quality product. It is great for small projects and startups that need full service package.

Dedicated team

Dedicated team

Perfect choice when the scope of the project is flexible or requirements are fluid. This service provides you with a tailored team of experts contributing to your project in an agile approach.

Software engineers body leasing

Software engineers body leasing

With this option you can boost your existing development team performance by empowering it with Scythe Studio's Qt, QML and C++ experts.

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Main technologies used

We focus on being experts in what we do. Here you'll find some of technologies in which we specialize.

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