Consulting means a solid plan

Do you want to start a new project and do not know where to begin? You have an idea for innovative software, but don't know what architecture to use? Or maybe you want to enrich your existing application with additional elements? In this case you should check our consulting services, in which together with the client we discuss business details, but also purely technical issues. Optimize the performance and quality of your software, while maintaining satisfactory costs.
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How software consulting services can improve your development process?

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Reducing costs

Appropriate selection of technology and resources will reduce the overall production price, while maintaining high performance of the final application. Hiring a real expert to solve the problem or design the architecture leads to significant savings. With a specialist onboard you do not kick against the pricks.

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Defined plan

Using consulting services, you outline a plan of action for yourself, but also for your employees. You cannot allow a situation in which your employees do not know what to do next and the application is not ready yet. We help with prioritizing tasks and defining processes.

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Performance boost

Choosing the right logic for the backend, but also the language that implements the look and feel of the application, has an enormous impact on performance. Prudent planning will help you choose the perfect framework for your project. Moreover experienced software developers and architects can enhance this aspect of your existing application.

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Validating existing ideas

Do you already have an ambitious idea for your application, but you are not sure how to proceed with the implementation? No worries - thanks to our business and architecture consultations we can check together what can be done and if it is worth it.

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Let us help you define a plan of action

Scythe Studio offers comprehensive and professional consulting services. It doesn't matter what industry you are coming from - with our long experience we specialize in many consulting areas including:

Software systems design

Software systems design is about modeling architecture and flow of various systems components. However, the key part of it is ensuring that the system will match customers requirements using the most optimal solutions.

Qt consulting

The Qt framework is one of the most popular cross-platform frameworks. This is the technology we specialize in and in which we have been trusted in all, previous projects. Discover the framework thanks to our Qt consulting.

Cross-platform software development

We develop applications for all popular target platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS. We also offer software development for embedded systems.

Application design and UX

Let’s take care of the end user experience in collaboration with professional designers.

What do our consulting services include?

Each client is uniquely important to us. As professionals, we approach each case individually, choosing a set of tools and resources specifically for your case.

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Determining the financial and technological requirements for your project

When starting a new project, you want to know what resources you need to allocate, and how the development process will look like. Let us help you determine milestones, set a goal and finally make the action plan.

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Designing software architecture

The idea itself is not enough - you need to plan in detail how the application is going to work. You need to take into account all the edge use cases. In a well designed application there is no much room for errors. Entrust the architecture design to experts - check our portfolio and opinions of satisfied customers.

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Analyzing existing projects for possible improvements

Maybe you already have a project, but you want to improve or change it - it can be done. We will check the project in terms of performance, taking into account the cleanliness and efficiency of the source code. Scythe Studio experts will evaluate the quality, scalability and maintainability of your existing solutions.

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UI and UX auditing

The user experience and the feel of the applications are the most meaningful factors determining if your project will succeed. Hire our experienced UI/UX specialists to the audit and check if your app match high standards.

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Why Qt framework?

Providing services we rely on proven, stable solutions - we want customer satisfaction to be as high as possible. No wonder that our main technology is the Qt framework. Find out why Qt is crucial for us during consulting services:


Cross-platform with a single code base

Application's frontend implementation as well as the development of the backend and business logic for different platforms requires the involvement of several, separate teams. Often such teams work asynchronously. That means that the work of one team is dependent on the another team, resulting in delays and thus increased costs. The Qt framework solves this problem. Choosing Qt QML development allows to create software that works the same on multiple platforms - and all this without having to change the source code. Check out why keeping a low technology stack is important here.



Good application is constantly evolving. No wonder that changing market demands often force implementation of completely new functions, and this is connected with re-engaging a team of programmers. To make the work as cheap and fast as possible, the existing software must support the possibility of expansion and modification. Among many frameworks, cross-platform Qt framework comes out ahead here. Thanks to its wide community support and numerous existing modules, extending a project is an easy task. Additionally, the main core of Qt is based on pure C++, which means that it can be easily integrated with other C and C++ - based libraries and projects.

Fast and easy to use

It happens that the software has a specific requirement, which as a result of poor design architecture or technical choices can not be met, due to the limitations of selected tools. If you consider changing the core of the applications to a different framework you should consider Qt for your software development. Qt has many modules that would require a lot of work and resources to implement in other frameworks: the Bluetooth module is one of many examples. Additionally, Qt maintains the QML language which allows programmers to easily create an eye-catching application layout, while combining it with efficient logic created in C++. Thanks to it we can quickly create working, efficient software of high quality – all of this can be done targeting different platforms like Windows, Linux, macOS, mobiles and embedded.

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Qt QML trainings and workshops

We want the consulted project to reach the final version without any obstacles. For this reason, in the process of Qt consulting, we go a bit further into the future, offering your employees training and workshops on the Qt framework and the QML language. We want each of them to be able to create high-quality code on their own in the future, but also to pass on their knowledge to others by supervising the work of sub-teams. Choose from a wide range of workshops available on the site, prepared to suit any proficiency level in Qt QML programming. Among the available materials you will find: • Introduction to the Qt language • Advanced Qt • Networking with Qt • Introduction to the QML language • Advanced QML • Mobile software development in QML • Introduction to the QtWidgets module • Maintenance of an application based on Qt • Designing Qt project architecture • CI/CD for GItlab platform
Free Qt QML development resources

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