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To meet your business goals you need to make sure that your software is intuitive for every user. Achieving this requires an in-depth study of user needs and understanding what they really expect. UX/UI design preceded by an intelligent analysis is not just about making a website or script look beautiful. It's about delivering the final product, which will be easy to use for any user, and will allow you to achieve all your business objectives!
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See what we can do for you in terms of UI/UX design! What will you gain?

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Discovery and research

We will conduct a thorough analysis for you to determine the users of your product and their needs. Without a thorough understanding of the users, you will not be able to create a solution perfectly aimed at their needs.

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Auditing and testing

We will check the implemented solutions, so that you can be 100% sure of a satisfactory result. If you already have a project, we can also perform an independent audit for you.

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Visual artifacts and motion design

We will make visual artifacts for your project and create a motion design that allows users to get to know your product better!

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User experience design

We will design and implement a UX design for your product that is adaptable to different platforms and devices.

Difference between UI and UX

UI and UX are two inseparable parts of design. The difference between UI and UX design is highlighted in the very names of the mentioned, namely User Interface and User Experience Design. UI focuses on refining aesthetic elements for the user. That is, when working on UI, we will tweak typography, colors, copywriting, graphics and other visual elements. With UX, we will work on the user's path, his experience on the website or while using the software. We will make his journey through the product free of dead ends and difficult decisions. UI and UX design complement each other offering you maximum business impact.

Discover over designing workflow

designing workflow

What will our collaboration look like? Find out the details of the process!

  1. Meeting

    We start by getting to know your needs. What business goals does your product need to achieve?

  2. User analysis

    We will conduct an in-depth analysis of your product users. We will get to know their characteristics and needs, so that we can tailor your product exactly to their expectations!

  3. Outline of work

    We will prepare an outline of work so that you know when to expect results.

  4. Mockups and prototypes

    Having information about your expectations and, most importantly, the expectations of the end users of your product, we will proceed to prepare mock-ups and prototypes. So that you can familiarise yourself with our proposals before implementing them.

  5. Presentation

    Time for the first results! We will show you the result of our work so that you can share your comments with us.

  6. Submitting changes

    The next stage involves making changes to the project based on your comments and preferences.

  7. Delivery of the project

    We deliver to you the final design, in accordance with your expectations.

  8. Further development

    From this moment on, a team of specialists works on developing your project according to your guidelines. Soon, your vision will become reality and your business will be ready to enter the market.

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UX design services frequently asked questions

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What is the value of UX design?

Satisfaction- Correctly designed UX makes the customer happy with your services. Did you know that 90% of users stop using an app because of difficulty in using it. And 86% have deleted or uninstalled an app as a result of encountering problems with its functionality. By using our services you can be sure that you and your product will not be affected by this problem! Increasing brand awareness- Satisfied customers are more likely to use the products you offer and are more likely to recommend your services to their loved ones. According to a Harvard Business Review study, 23% of people who had a positive experience with a brand recommended it to at least 10 people. Save money and time- It is much easier and cheaper to design the UX process at the very beginning. Looking for UX errors and fixing them is very expensive and time consuming. It is best to do it right away....

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Who needs a UX designer?

UX design is for anyone who is interested in achieving their business goals. You won't achieve your goals if the users of your product don't know how to use it. UX will make sure that every user, even the least advanced, finds value in your product, which will allow you to succeed.

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What's the UX design consulting cost?

UX design is a multi-stage process. It differs a lot depending on what the project is about, i.e. the final product (website, application) and the business goals you want to achieve. It is a multi-faceted process and must be tailored specifically for your business. In Scythe Studio, projects are literally made to measure. Make an appointment with us! We'll tell you how we work, see how we can help you and give you a personalized quote.

Why outsourcing Scythe Studio UI/UX consultants is a way to go?

We are a group of developers who are passionate about the latest technologies. Our priority is to make the products we create easily manageable and meet your business goals. When you decide to outsource, you do not need to hire a permanent specialist, which is expensive and time-consuming to find. You gain support here and now, with a guarantee of obtaining the right result.

Trust the years of experience of Scythe Studio and outsource the UX/UI design of your project to us!

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