Embedded Application for Medical Laser Device

Application that works on embedded device and it purpose is to simulate the operation of a medical laser. The user can select one of the pre-prepared operations, or create their own with pre-set parameters. The application simulates the course of the procedure.

Robot Software – Digital Twin project

Cross-platform application designed to communicate with and control the Dobot Magician robotic arm. The operation of the robotic arm, is also assisted by a 3D model fully reflecting the position and alignment in real time of the physical model.

Brain Viewer – 3D model of human brain

Medical application used to present a 3D model of the human brain and display information about its specific parts. We wanted the design to be pleasing to the user's eye and allow to easily interact with interface.

Qt QML desktop application − Games Launcher case study

Qt Framework, with its wide variety of modules, can be used to implement any type of project - from the military robot control panel, through medical applications, to games launcher and updater. The last case was the one we had the pleasure to implement. If you wonder how this desktop app was done, you can learn it in this post. Keep in mind, that you can find out about our other projects in our portfolio.

Qt Automotive cockpit − case study

The automotive cockpit for the revolutionary and innovative electric vehicle was another project we helped our customers with. Using Qt we developed an automotive cockpit. The designed cockpit consisted of three independent displays presenting the driver with critical information like a speedometer, warning icons, and other IVI features.

Zoho Books Forecasting − cross-platform Qt desktop application

Zoho Books Forecasting is a desktop application for visualising financial history and making forecasts for companies utilising the Zoho Books platform for accounting and keeping track of their financial situation. Although being an application with a pretty simple UI, it provides broad functionality for representing incomes, expenses and cash flow of the company and enhances the functionality of Zoho Books platform. is a cross-platform, mobile application that brings home users functionalities of Egoo - platform for accurate bio-marker testing. We are proud to be a part of this project and that is why we want to present how Scythe Studio worked to make this vision a reality.

Buddy In Tour

Buddy In Tour is a project of mobile application targeted for smartphones based on iOS and Android. Application is designed for professional truckers and it provides many helpful features for them. The project’s goal was to simplify truckers' lives and to make processes like fuel usage or finances calculation automated. Buddy In Tour is an effect of Scythe Studio’s initiative in order to support workers in the transport industry as it is key to global trade.


Even in the case of specialistic software, a comfortable and responsive UI increases the efficiency of usage. This also applies to Ozarkfalls - new software project which was planned to provide dedicated solution for controlling and planing military robots fieldwork.

Don’t Touch The Green

"Don't Touch The Green" is a dynamic arcade game, testing the player's perception and reflexes in an unusual way. The player's goal is to match the colours with their proper names without touching any green elements. However, there is one catch - the font colour of the text and its background, does not match its name!  In the game there is a dynamic level of difficulty, which, among other things, reduces the intervals in the appearance of colors and increases the maximum number of elements on the screen, making the challenge all the more intense as the time passes by. Over time, the gameplay is also supplemented by new elements that the player must pay attention to - emojis.