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We develop software in C++

We provide a wide range of C++ based solutions for many industries all over the world, and we will start working on your project efficiently even in 2 weeks.

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Do you want to develop software in C++, but lack resources?

Tight deadlines can lead to rushed work, potentially resulting in critical variables being overlooked. Lack of team competence or experience can affect not only the timely completion of the project but often lead to significant financial losses. Don't take the risk!

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External support is within your reach!

Companies from around the world rely on the continuous or occasional support of external teams of programmers. We provide them with essential software developed using the Qt framework, programming applications in C++. We deliver comprehensive projects, taking care of business logic, user interface design, and network communication handling. See what we can do for you!

What do you gaint by collaborating with us?

Quick project start

Our average project initiation time is two weeks, enabling you to quickly access a wide range of even niche specialists.

Efficient prototyping

We provide critical prototypes for research and development projects, facilitating the rapid market introduction of reliable products.


We ensure confidentiality and transparency throughout the software development process, and our commitment to privacy guarantees the security of your intellectual property.

Specialized knowledge

We have access to experts in niche technologies such as Qt, QML, OpenGL, OpenCV, C++, and embedded solutions. Our team is well-versed in cutting-edge technologies, allowing us to deliver unique solutions.

Integration with existing solution structure

We always adapt to the needs, environment, and requirements of our clients to ensure a smooth integration of new products with the existing system of solutions.

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What forms of collaboration do we offer?


Take advantage of consultations in the Qt and QML domain. Our specialists will support you in Qt and QML processes, demonstrate best practices, and assist with performance optimization and many other aspects.

Projects outsourcing

Entrust us with the comprehensive management of the project from start to finish, starting from its initiation and continuing until its completion.

Body leasing

Gain access to selected experts or an entire team for as long as you need to efficiently complete the project.

Project support and maintenance

Benefit from one-time or ongoing support from our team to ensure the long-term, proper functioning of your system even after its release.

What makes us different?

Professional project management

We work according to the scrum project management methodology. We ensure smooth communication, so the project manager will be in constant contact with you, overseeing the schedule's execution. You don't have to worry about communication or team supervision.

Qt Service Partner

We are the first official Qt partner in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe, and all our employees are certified Qt developers. You can rely on our experience and reliability. By collaborating with us, you gain access to Qt licenses, enhancing the capabilities of your developers.

Stable collaboration

With our clients, we build long-term partnerships based on trust, transparent communication, and mutual respect. We protect the status of the programming team for long-term projects and, if needed, provide necessary replacements.

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Check out the projects we have completed in C++

We serve companies in various industries around the world. Learn about some of the projects that have been developed with Scythe Studio:

  • Qt Automotive cockpit
  • Medical software for spinal surgery
  • Cross-platform forecasting application for desktops
  • Qt QML mobile app for blood analysis device
Qt Automotive cockpit

One of the most interesting projects we had the privilege to be a part of was an HMI application for a modern car dashboard. We utilized complex UI design tools and a simple web application to create an integrated UI using the Qt framework. Thanks to our unique design approach and Qt's cross-platform capabilities, Scythe Studio delivered the project on time.

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Learn about the tools that we use in our clients' projects:

  • Qt

  • OpenGL

  • OpenCV

How to start a satisfying cooperation?

Our journey starts with a simple step: fill out a form to schedule a meeting with us. Then, to ensure that we meet your expectations, we take the following steps:

1. Fill out a form

Fill out the form, and we will respond within one business day.

3. Analysis and proposal

After analyzing your requirements, we will provide you with an initial, non-binding offer for collaboration.

2. Introduction meeting

We will schedule the first meeting, which will be a free, one-hour consultation with our representative and technical specialist.

4. Ready to start

We are ready to start working together on creating innovative software.

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