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Why Scythe Studio?

Scythe Studio has hands-on experience in delivering high-quality C++ software development services to demanding customers. We successfully delivered applications for various industries such as the medical industry, automotive, and military industry. Our key to success is adjusting to the specific domain of our customers and helping them by identifying issues that we shall focus on. The title of an official Qt Service Partner is a confirmation of our skills and experience.
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Why C++ for software development?

There are many reasons to employ C++ in your software development. Take a look at some of the most important advantages of this language.

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Popularity and maturity

According to TIOBE index C++ is the fourth the most popular programming language while in PYPL index it is in the fifth position. Thanks to this fact you can count on community support.

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Wide range of open source libraries and frameworks

Since the creation of C++, a ton of open source libraries have been created. Using them allows you to make savings in terms of time and money

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Continuous development of new standards

New standards of C++ are systematically released bringing new concepts to the language and making it even more universal.

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ISO standard language with several compiler vendors

Being standardized and developed by multiple companies makes C++ resistant to turbulence in any company. Unlike Dart which depends on Google's Decision.

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Great performance

That is a crucial factor for any software that requires high efficiency like games, heavy computation applications or embedded systems. Actually all kinds of software can benefit from great performance.

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Operating systems natural language

You can benefit from the fact that C++ derives from the C language that is a base for many operating systems and hardware drivers. This compatibility makes C++ a natural choice to use API exposed by OS or hardware's firmware.

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Platforms running C++

All major CPU producers provide compilers for C/C++ development. Therefore, C++ is fully cross-platform and can run on any device. Thanks to that, it is easy to port your code to other platforms.

Our C++ software development services

Our company focuses mostly on C++ applications programming that primarily contains business logic, graphical user interface, and network communication implementation. Our main area of expertise is software development using the Qt framework.​ ​ Moreover we are also capable of delivering more low-level programming that includes custom 2D and 3D graphics development and implementing computer vision algorithms.

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C++ applications development​

We apply C++ 17 and C++ 20 standards to develop reliable applications targeted to desktop, mobile, embedded and even web platforms.

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Enhancement and optimization​

Finding bottlenecks and improving the quality of the codebase is a common case in our work. Thanks to analyzing and profiling we can help you detect and fix performance issues.

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Support and maintenance

Release is not the end of the development process. Software needs updates to get bug fixes, improvements, and new features. Our C++ developers are ready to help you in this matter.

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Consulting and mentoring

You can benefit from the exceptional experience and knowledge of our experts. We are ready to consult your project in case of architecture and good practices aspects. Our offer includes both online and on-site training and workshops.

Our C++ development team​

Our C++ developers are a group of real specialists who are truly passionate about C++ technology. As our customer, you will have a possibility to define a needed number of developers that will join your project and boost software development. You have an option to lease a dedicated C++ development team and individual C++ developers.

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Discover our favorite tools

Qt A great framework to develop cross-platform applications.
STL The C++ Standard Template Library (STL) is a great source of template classes providing feature-rich algorithms, containers and functions to easy programmer's life.
Boost Kit of multiple individual libraries to enhance C++ code and speed-up development.
OpenGL An API to controls rendering 2D and 3D graphics.
OpenCV Computer vision library providing multiple possibilities such as Image and Video Processing, Pattern Recognition and Photogrammetry.
Protobuf Easy to use mechanism to standardize data serialization in network communication.
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web development

C++ for web development?

We believe that the best way to develop software is to do so in a cross-platform manner. Therefore, we follow the rule of keeping a technology stack as low as possible. It is a great way to save money and time as you do not need to hire experts in multiple technologies. You can read more about low technology stack in this post. Is it possible to use C++ for web development as well? Yes, there are multiple technologies allowing to develop both frontend and backend applications using the C++ programming language. Frontend can be deployed to web thanks to WebAssembly while backend can be implemented using Cutelyst framework or other alternative. C++ is a good choice to implement a web application that requires high performance.

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