Why to outsource software developers for startups?

Startups have many issues at the beginning of their journey. One of them is hiring great software developers. Get familiar with the reasons why you should offshore software development tea.

  1. No need to have technical knowledge - you are an expert in your specific domain, but you may not know what technical decisions to make. Hiring software experts is a guaranty of help in these aspects.
  2. Superior quality - with support from specialists you can make sure that your startup will not fail, because of product quality issues.
  3. Cost-effectiveness - software development for startups may seem expensive. By outsourcing experts you can make savings on hiring, managing and administrating human resources. This crucial investment can generate savings without sacrificing quality.. Furthermore, experienced company will help you divide your project into smaller and easier to handle milestones.
  4. Get it done quickly - outsourced developers are ready to leverage your software development immediately. There is no need to waste time on recruitment and other activities while investors are waiting for effects.

Strict code standards

Following the best practices and conventions is the key to high quality and easily maintainable software.


Perfect, multilayer documentation

Software development teams often move across projects. The only way to avoid getting lost is providing a knowledge transfer. In our company that is ensured thanks to detailed documentation describing various aspects of the created system.


Thorough code testing

Software development for startups is a continuous process during which your software product evolves. On every stage project needs to be well tested with automatic code tests.

Requirements workshops

To avoid misunderstandings we organize workshops to establish concrete expectations. This beneficial process helps us better understand intricacies of your startup's domain.

Quality factors of Software Development for new businesses

Building a startup is not an easy task. There are a lot of reasons for potential failure. Starting with funding, going through conflicts between co-founders and ending with problems caused by low quality software development. Poor quality end product was a nail in the coffin for many startups. Discover what Scythe Studio company does to ensure that our software development services will meet market demands.

What we can do for you?

We offer a wide range of software services for startups. Depending on your needs we will help you realize the most ambitious goals. • Desktop software development • Mobile software development • C++ software development • Qt QML software development • Design and user experience • Consulting and architecture design • Support and maintenance

Scythe Studio as your technology partner

You may think why you should trust us and let us develop your software. We have a proven case studies of delivered solutions for startups across the world. What do our customers appreciate most in our software development services for startups? • Ability to rapidly start a new project or a new milestone • Meeting deadlines • Superb quality of developed software products
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egoo.health - cross-platform mobile app for medical industry startup

egoo.health is unique and world's first connected molecular and immuno diagnostics self-testing platform that covers most assay methodologies and provides short analyzes time.

Ozarkfalls - tablet application MVP for military industry startup

The tablet application helped the company to proceed with the development and testing of their innovative robot used during military training.

Cross-platform Qt development - the best way to make savings for startups

Our main area of expertise is software development using the Qt framework. This cross-platform tool allows creating applications for mobile, desktop, and even embedded platforms using the same codebase. We believe that the best way to develop software is to do it in cross-platform manner. Following the Low Technology Stack approach allows you to make significant savings.

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