Buddy In Tour privacy policy

Administrators of the Buddy in Tour system, respecting the right to privacy of Users, guarantee them access to the privacy policy. We make every effort to ensure that personal data of users are processed in accordance with the applicable regulations of Polish and European law.

Administrator of personal data

The personal data administrator is:

Scythe Studio Sp. z o.o.

Brzozy-Brzeziny 13 street

05-220 Zielonka

TIN: PL 1251708814

Contact: [email protected]

What data is processed?

The data to be processed include data provided voluntarily by users in the registration forms. The data provided in this way should be an e-mail address. All information entered into the application by the User is stored locally on the device. The ability to synchronize data and backup in the cloud is only available to Premium account users. The data stored in this way are only text data entered by the user.

The data to be processed also includes cookies (so-called cookies) containing information data, which include:

• Device type,

• Operating system,

• Screen resolution,

• Geographical data

The mentioned data are stored remotely on servers of the hosting service provider - ovh.com.

For what purpose are the data processed?

Data provided during registration are used to provide users with current information - newsletter sending and the desire to take advantage of the Premium version of the application.

Information data is used for statistical purposes, which help adjust the content of the website to users and to personalize ads placed in the services of Buddy In Tour. The Google Analytics platform is used to analyze this data.

User data of individual users are stored for the purpose of providing users with the possibility of their synchronization and electronic copy and for statistical purposes.

How long is the data processed?

User data is stored until the user decides to delete the account.

Cookies are stored until they are removed and / or blocked by the user. This option is available to all users in the settings of the web browser used.

Sharing personal data

User data can be made available to him at his express request. In special situations, the administrator is obliged to provide personal data to state authorities.

Change of privacy policy

The Administrator reserves the right to change the privacy policy in the event that it will be required to change the law, in the event of a change in the scope of the website operation and changes in the technological conditions of the website's functioning.