Benefits of dedicated Qt training

You can face a broad spectrum of obstacles while developing new software. Find out how Qt trainings can help you solve many problems, meet your business goals and boost your project.

Extend capabilities of your team

Empower your team with Qt and broaden your possibilities without changing whole technology stack. Qt is a widely adopted, mature and powerful C++ framework allowing to build applications with rich UI based on the programming languages that they are familiar with.

Introduce your team to Qt without any hassle, by selecting one of our trainings matching your team skillset.

Improve quality of your solutions

Make sure that your application meets all software quality standards and reaches performance targets by providing your staff with guidance from experienced developers.

Our trainings will let your employees learn how to build and maintain high-quality source code.

If you are looking for an audit or direct support on optimizing your application check our consulting services.

Fill knowledge and skill gaps

Don't let your project be stopped because of insufficient competencies. Fill in the missing capabilities of your team in no-time with practical workshops, without the need of introducing new resources to the project.

Scythe Studio trainings offer includes options for all levels of proficiency - from beginner friendly introduction to Qt programming to specialized trainings dedicated to specific modules and advanced topics.

Stay on the cutting edge of software development

Don't let the technical debt pile up - increase the velocity of the development process by introducing your team to the latest programming tools. Discover the latest trends in the software development which allow your project to gain new functionalities that users are looking for in a new version of your app.

Ensure that you reach all of the users in your target group by providing support for numerous platforms supported by Qt.

Boost engagement of your employees

Dedicated training is not only a way of expanding a skillset but also a great way lift involvement of your staff into the project.

Self development is crucial for people in the tech sector and allowing your team to widen their skillset is a great example of employer benefit that experts are looking for.

Trainings offer


Introduction to the Qt Framework


Networking with Qt


Building Qt apps with CMake


Introduction to QML and Qt Quick


Advanced QML


Mobile software development in QML


Introduction to Qt Widgets


M2M protocols with Qt


CI/CD for Qt applications

Cannot find the option you are looking for? Our offer include custom-tailored training program matching all of your needs! Provide details about the training scope you are looking for in the contact form. Our representative will contact you immediately.

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What does the training include?

High quality materials

All materials for our workshops are created with attention and care to details. They are based on real-life implementations and focus on providing practical knowledge together with sharpening problem solving skills.

Experienced hosts

Trainings are hosted by experts with vast Qt experience. We also provide workshops with our specialists certified by The Qt Company. Such certifications ensures quality and reliability of the training program.

Form that fits your needs

Scythe Studio offer includes preparation of a training in a form that is a best match for your needs. Trainings can be hosted both on site and remotely.

Trainings can take the form of a lecture including functional examples or a workshop with practical exercises. Assignments can be later reviewed by experienced Qt developers who provide feedback as well as ensure that newly acquired skills are applied correctly.

Tailored scope

Each training program is adjusted to the skillset and knowledge level of the group. Such an approach ensures effective use of time time. Already familiar topics are briefly discussed so the attendees can focus on the subjects which are new to them.

Why Scythe Studio?

Thanks to our expertise, experience and high quality solutions delivered to customers from all over the world we have been awarded with Qt Service Partner status. This title granted by the Qt Company, backing the framework, is a guarantee that we are experts you can trust.

Scythe Studio provides Qt consulting services which can help you achieve your objectives by providing you with skilled developers. See our Qt development service page for more details.

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