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Meet Qt framework

Qt is an innovative, mature and stable cross-platform framework, which is one of the best choices regarding software development for multiple platforms. Using Qt framework we can help you develop fast, reliable and responsive software on multiple platforms including desktop, mobile and embedded environments effortlessly.
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Go cross-platform

There are many cross-platform solutions out there. However, a great number of them are restricted to mobile platforms or dedicated to desktop operating systems only. Qt goes beyond it and allows you to deploy your app to embedded, desktop, mobile and even web applications, using one single code base. Ensure that you reach all of the target users while maintaining cost-effective approach by going cross-platform.
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Enjoy performance

Provide users with the best experience even when creating embedded software for resource limited platforms. With Qt and its C++ based core you get lightning fast and efficient logic with many build-in modules and APIs. You will never have to cut any corners when deploying to many platforms. All of that can be achieved without loosing user-friendly and rich user interface or limiting yourself to a single platform.

Cover entire tech stack

Avoid fragmenting your project to multiple technologies that are vastly different from each other. With mature ecosystem of C++ you can implement all parts of your application with a low technology stack. Cover user interface with Qt Modeling Language & Qt Quick, high performance business logic with C++ Qt Core and even backend services with one of the numerous open-source libraries. Save money and time by going with a low technology stack and experienced team where each developer can work on every part of the source code.

Prioritize stability

Qt is known to be a mature and stable technology. This is why it supports not only consumer-grade software but also systems of critical priority like surgical, aviation or automotive software. Framework comes with a dedicated and verified tools for such specific use cases - one of such is Qt Safe Renderer. It allows to display critical information even when the main application stops working. TÜV NORD has confirmed that Qt Safe Renderer meets the requirements of the following standards: • IEC 62304:2015 • IEC 61508:2010-3 7.4.4 • ISO 9001:2015

Discover effective development process

Qt Quick module is an innovative method for swift and easy development of the graphical interface for applications. Ready-made C++ modules provided with Qt make it simple to implement 3D models, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS localization, and other common features into your app. Combining all of that with a cross-platform strategy, creates an effective development process that helps you reduce time-to-market for your application.

Involve Scythe Studio in your project

Scythe-Studio is a group of Qt experts specialized in cross-platform development. Our goal is to provide high quality software and satisfy needs for a wide range of products. We create easily managed, well documented and effortlessly maintainable cross-platform software.

Scythe Studio holds status of Qt Service Partner, granted by The Qt Company. Such a title is confirmation of our expertise and experience. Trust the experts and let us forge your ideas into business.

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Projects outsourcing

Let us turn your idea into working product with our comprehensive software services. You can hire us to work on Qt QML projects internally - both in agile and milestones approach. Get end to end, ready to release software solutions with no need to coordinate project with other subcontractors. Our company offers not only software development services, but also architecture design, implementation of backend services, UI/UX design maintenance and many more.
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Body and team leasing

Looking for a way to boost your existing development team? We offer diverse outsourcing services - from providing a single developer to supplying whole coordinated teams. All teams are tailored to client needs, including roles needed for your project like PMs, testers and designers alongside with Qt QML programmers.

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Qt QML Workshops

Enrich the skills of your staff, by providing them with training prepared by Scythe Studio experts. Choose from a wide variety of on site and remote workshops prepared to match any proficiency level in Qt QML programming - starting from first steps with Qt Core to advanced workshops covering specific topics like integration of native platform code with graphical user interfaces.

See full workshop offer at our training services page.


Qt QML Consulting

There are many strategic decisions to make in order to maximize development efficiency and final software product quality. Let us lend you a hand with our software consulting services. As Qt Software Specialists we can help you to choose the best approach for your project and consult other technology choices as well as architecture of the entire Qt applications.

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It is not easy to make a successful application, but smart and effective maintenance is even more difficult. Get help on any step of the development process. Scythe Studio team can help you fix problems with your apps, migrate to newer version of Qt framework, test code for possible improvements, publish existing solutions to app stores, deploy them with dedicated installers using Qt Installer Framework and much more.


Releasing the app is only the beginning of its life. Keeping it up to date with latest requirements and users expectations can be challenging. Scythe Studio provides maintenance services which make sure that your app is always functional and is not falling behind in constantly evolving world of technology.

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  • How can you help me with my project?

    • Scythe Studio provides extensive Qt QML development services. You can outsource entire project and leave managing development process to us, contract team orchestrated by our managers or manage developers on your own by going with body leasing.
    • We also provide consulting, architectural, design and training services.
  • Is quote for a project free of charge?

    • Scythe Studio provides free quote for every project with defined scope. If you need support with specifying scope of the project we also host workshops for creating wireframes, defining use cases or tech stack for your project.
  • What platforms does Qt framework support?

    • Qt framework supports desktop platforms like Windows, macOS and Linux, mobile platforms including Android and iOS, deployment to web using WebAssembly as well as multiple embedded platforms like QNX, FreeRTOS, embedded Linux and even bare metal.
  • Is Qt framework free?

    • All Qt essentials (Qt Core, Qt Quick, Qt QML, Qt Widgets, etc.) are available under free open source licenses (LGPL and GPL). As long as your project complies to the open source licenses obligations you can use Qt under those free licenses. For more info visit our Qt licensing page.
  • What are the benefits of using Qt?

    • With Qt you can create cross-platform applications with a single code-base. It means that with one source code you can deploy to various platforms like desktop, mobile or embedded.
    • Thanks to logic based on C++ the applications created using Qt framework have outstanding performance and efficiency.
    • Qt Quick module and Qt Modeling Language (QML) allow to create rich and eye catching graphical user interfaces without loosing performance thanks to integration with C++ based business logic.
    • Qt is a mature and stable solution that is on the market for years.
  • Is Qt based on C++?

    • Yes, Qt is a C++ framework, however it also introduces Qt Modeling Language which is a declarative language used for implementing GUI. As QML itself is created on C++ it still allows you to implement various elements of the graphical interface using C++ APIs.
    • Qt also provides bindings for other languages like PySide introducing Qt to Python.
  • What is QML?

    • Qt Modeling Language is a declarative language used together with Qt Quick module to implement graphical interfaces. It provides deep integration with C++ allowing to separate business logic from UI and leverage famous efficiency of this modern and widely adopted programming language.
  • What is the difference between agile and waterfall development?

    • Agile is a methodology which focus on flexibility. Work is performed in iterations called sprints. It allows for the requirements and scope to evolve during the project.
    • Waterfall is a methodology focused on clear vision and planning the whole development process before starting it. It provides a detailed plan of implementation but lacks flexibility which can be crucial for many projects.
    • Learn more about available approaches to develop software with Scythe Studio on "How we work" page.

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