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Meet Qt

Qt is an innovative and stable cross-platform framework, which is one of the best choices regarding software development for multiple platforms. Using Qt we can help you develop fast, reliable and responsive software on multiple platforms including desktop, mobile and embedded environments effortlessly.

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Go cross-platform

There are many cross-platform solutions out there. However great number of them are restricted to mobile platforms or dedicated for desktop operating systems only. Qt goes beyond it and allows you to deploy your app to embedded, desktop, mobile and even web applications, using one single codebase.

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Enjoy performance

Provide users with the best experience. With Qt and its C++ based core you get lightning fast logic with many build-in modules and APIs. You will never have to cut any corners when deploying to many platforms.

Involve Scythe Studio in your project

Scythe-Studio is a group of Qt experts specialized in cross-platform development. Our goal is to provide high quality software and satisfy needs for a wide range of products. We create easily managed, well documented and effortlessly maintainable cross-platform software.

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Projects outsourcing

Let us turn your idea into working product with our comprehensive software services. You can hire us to work on Qt QML projects internally - both in agile and milestones approach. Get end to end, ready to release software solutions with no need to coordinate project with other subcontractors. Our company offers not only software development services, but also architecture design, implementation of backend services, UI/UX design maintenance and many more.


Body and team leasing

Looking for a way to boost your existing Qt QML development team? We offer diverse outsourcing services - from providing a single developer to offering whole coordinated teams. All teams are tailored to client needs, so they can include PMs, testers and designers alongside with Qt QML programmers.


Qt Qml Workshops

Enrich the skills of your staff, by providing them with training prepared by Scythe Studio experts. Choose from a wide variety of on site and remote workshops prepared to match any proficiency level in Qt QML programming. Available workshops: • Qt introduction • Advanced Qt • Networking with Qt • QML introduction • Advanced QML • QML mobile development • QtWidgets introduction • Qt app maintenance • Designing architecture of Qt app • CI/CD for Gitlab

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Qt QML Consulting

There are many strategic decisions to make in order to maximize development efficiency and final software product quality. Let us lend you a hand with our software consulting services. As Qt Software Specialists we can help you to choose the best approach for your project and consult other technology choices as well as architecture of entire application.



It is not easy to make a successful application, but smart and effective maintenance is even more difficult. Get help on any step of the development process. Scythe Studio team can help you fix problems with your apps, migrate to newer version of Qt, test code for possible improvements, publish existing solutions to app stores, deploy them with dedicated installers using Qt Installer Framework and many more.

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