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Don’t Touch The Green

"Don't Touch The Green" is a dynamic arcade game, testing the player's perception and reflexes in an unusual way. The player's goal is to match the colours with their proper names without touching any green elements. However, there is one catch - the font colour of the text and its background, does not match its name!  In the game there is a dynamic level of difficulty, which, among other things, reduces the intervals in the appearance of colors and increases the maximum number of elements on the screen, making the challenge all the more intense as the time passes by. Over time, the gameplay is also supplemented by new elements that the player must pay attention to - emojis.

Technologies used

In the creation of “Don’t touch the Green”, we have used the Qt technology,  which is a specialty of Scythe Studio. It provides increased speed, smoothness and reliable stability of our applications. So this project is the result of great idea behind game development in Qml. Thanks to the cross-platform experience offered by Qt, both the version available on Google Play and the one on App Store are compiled from the same source code! An additional tool used when creating “Don’t touch the Green” was Felgo framework. It provides a number of solutions dedicated to creating games and delivers tools utilized to speed up production – such as Hot Reload.


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You can download and test this game on your own:

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