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To build software of the highest quality, it is crucial to pay attention to each stage of its creation. We are truly committed to the products we create and that is why we make the process of forging new product precise and optimized. Thanks to the high quality solutions and expertise offered to clients from all over the world we have been awarded with Qt Service Partner status. It is a guarantee, provided by the company backing up the Qt framework, that we are a software house you can trust. Learn how your cooperation with Scythe Studio will look like.
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Precise and optimized workflow



Right after contacting us you get your dedicated Scythe-Studio representative assigned. At the beginning you provide us with a brief description of your needs and expectations and book a free online workshop where we discuss the project in detail.


Defining your needs

Our team creates Qt software with a client in mind, that is why we take time to understand your project in depth during initial workshop. Together with our consultant we identify requirements, target audience, specific use cases and other details while suggesting the best solutions to existing challenges.


Free project estimation

Next step is cost and time estimation. During this step we take information gained during the workshop and prepare a list of detailed features, that will need to be implemented together with the technology stack we will use to make your vision a reality.


Project scope and agreement

In this step we confirm the project delivery model with service option, scope, budget and resources needed for delivering your project. When all of the details are settled, we sign agreement, assign our Qt consultants and other specialists and start the development process.



Before starting the work on the actual code we want to make sure that the product will make a visual impact on the target users and provide the best experience. For this purpose, we discuss the provided design with the client, or we cooperate with our in-hose UI/UX design professionals to create one. Our design services include revisions.


Project architecture

Your project is unique and that is why we dedicate one of the steps to defining software architecture, parallel to creating UI/UX design. The purpose of this step is to ensure that your idea will be forged into a product that matches your vision. We define the flow of each use case, prepare technical diagrams and descriptions of our approach.


Implementation & testing

Now it is time to get started with some coding! Our team of professional Qt developers dedicated to your project will work on forging your idea into a product. While developing products we use the CI/CD so every time we add a new feature, the fresh version of the app is automatically compiled and shared. This way our clients can download the latest version anytime. To catch every bug before it can reach the users, every new version of the app needs to pass a series of automated tests before it is merged. It is done to provide a high grade code.


Review and reports

Your opinion matters! After finishing each iteration or milestone we host a meeting where progress and changes done to the software are presented. We collect your feedback and apply it, to make a product that matches your expectations.



When the application is ready to be published we will prepare fully customizable deployment bundles. That include installers with maintenance tools, publish-ready Windows installers, ABB or APK files, Linux packages and much more. We also provide support in publishing applications on Microsoft Store, AppStore, Google Play and your own distribution channels.


Maintenance and support

Deployment is not the end of our job. We care to provide maintenance and support needed for existing products. A team of Qt enthusiasts dedicated to your project will take care of improvements requested by users.

Product you envisioned in way that you want

To start the project we need to know how you want it to be delivered and what should be included in the project scope. All you need to do is select one of the service options. If you are not sure what option is best for you or you don't see any suitable variants for your project, contact us. Scythe Studio representative will provide you with an offer that will suit your needs!
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Service options for Qt development services

Dedicated team

Go-to option when requirements of your project are fluid or project scope needs to be flexible. Based on your needs we offer a tailored team of experts to contribute to your project without need of managing them by yourself. That may include UX/UI designer, Project manager, embedded specialists and Qt QML developers. We will take care of the whole development process while maintaining flexibility regarding requirements and scope. Depending on the needs we can provide all of the necessary resources, like design and architecture, or use ones provided by you. This option is based on Agile methodology, which brings more flexibility to the project. All of the work is done in iterations called sprints, usually taking from 1 to 4 weeks. During each sprint we implement different bits of functionalities. When sprint is finished we present the outcome to you in form of sprint review, where you can provide any feedback which will be introduced during future iterations.


• Requirements can evolve or be changed during the development process • Initial requirements can be loose and clarified during development • The project scope is flexible and adjustable based on the outcomes • Pay-as-you-go - Payment is settled at the end of each month based on time spent on the project • You can rapidly speed up your project development with our Qt services

Qt body leasing services

A great solution if you are looking for a way to fuel your existing software developing team with additional experts.


• Client manages our Qt QML specialists • All of the resources are provided by the client • Team can be adjusted during the project • Pay-as-you-go - Payment is settled at the end of each month based on time spent on the project

Comprehensive software development

The best choice if you are looking for an end-to-end solution for your detailed vision of the project. We provide you with everything needed to develop a high quality product that can be delivered to end users - dedicated team, design, architecture, use cases evaluation and much more. The whole development process is orchestrated by our experienced managers and team leads. This option is based on Waterfall methodology, which is centred around creating a detailed plan and comprehensive specification for desired software. In this approach we agree to provide product with a specified set of features, in a defined way and timeframe. After the plan of work and all of the requirements are approved, Scythe Studio follows them to the end of the project. Usually the projects are divided into milestones.


• You have a clear vision of the project • You are not planning to change the scope of the project • Perfect pick when the requirements are transparent and simple • Product is delivered within the agreed time frame • Predictable budget - Costs are defined together with the project scope. Payment can be split into multiple tranches


Our Qt projects portfolio

Qt QML desktop application − Games Launcher case study main image

Qt QML desktop application − Games Launcher case study

Qt Framework, with its wide variety of modules, can be used to implement any type of project - from the military robot control panel, through medical applications, to games launcher and updater. The last case was the one we had the pleasure to implement. If you wonder how this desktop app was done, you can learn it in this post. Keep in mind, that you can find out about our other projects in our portfolio.

Qt Automotive cockpit − case study main image

Qt Automotive cockpit − case study

The automotive cockpit for the revolutionary and innovative electric vehicle was another project we helped our customers with. Using Qt we developed an automotive cockpit. The designed cockpit consisted of three independent displays presenting the driver with critical information like a speedometer, warning icons, and other IVI features.

Zoho Books Forecasting − cross-platform Qt desktop application main image

Zoho Books Forecasting − cross-platform Qt desktop application

Zoho Books Forecasting is a desktop application for visualising financial history and making forecasts for companies utilising the Zoho Books platform for accounting and keeping track of their financial situation. Although being an application with a pretty simple UI, it provides broad functionality for representing incomes, expenses and cash flow of the company and enhances the functionality of Zoho Books platform.

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Still some doubts?

Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about our Qt QML development services to clear up some confusion.

I can’t find a service option that is suitable for me

Contact us and our consultant will gladly provide a customized offer that will match your needs

Is support and maintenance included in all of the service options?

Support and maintenance can be provided in all of the service options. Scope and period of maintenance and support team availability is defined together with the project scope

Can I add new requirements during project implementation in the Comprehensive software development option?

New features and requirements can be provided during the implementation, however they can be added to the project as an additional milestone which will be realized after finishing existing milestones.

Is it possible to define the maximum number of hours consumed per month by a development team?

Yes, we can restrict the number of hours that can be consumed per month. In such case if the team reaches this number the work on the project will be stopped until beginning of the next month.

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