Scythe Studio website employs cookies to improve your user experience (Read more) – cloud storage solution is the secure and privacy aware cloud solution. ecosystem contains desktop and mobile applications for multiple operating systems. These applications allow user to synchronize data from local device with content of remote server.

Technologies used

Project is being developed for Danish customer and we as Scythe Studio company, participate in it from the very beginning. We have been involved in the process of creating requirements and then for planning next phases of work on this cloud solution.


Scythe Studio as Qt Software specialists were working on cross-platform desktop application which synchronize local and remote data. This program required to be released on the most popular desktop operating systems such as macOS, Windows and Linux. The application allows to perform synchronization of files in completely secure way with the highest standards of data encryption. Furthermore, it provides possibility to use external encryption plugin even coded by user.


In addition to the multi-platform computer application, Scythe studio was responsible for creating a web service that supports user queries.


You can get familiar with project by following this page.

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