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Scythe Studio becomes a Qt Service Partner

Scythe Studio becomes a Qt Service Partner

Qt Service Partner is a title that Scythe Studio company can be proud of. As of 1st November 2021, we strengthen ties with the Qt framework ecosystem which is natural for us as for Qt software development experts. From the very beginning, our goal was to provide superb quality software consulting services in the technology of our first choice – Qt.

Therefore, for the Scythe Studio company being a Qt Service Partner is a real ennoblement and appreciation of the good spirit that we spread in a community.

There are many reasons why Qt is the main technology that we focus on. The most crucial factor is the short development and prototyping time when you go with cross-platform Qt development. We believe that a cross-platform programming manner is the best approach for the majority of projects in terms of cost and time effectiveness. Keeping the Low Technology Stack is definitely a way to go.

Of course, short delivery time is not the only reason to use the Qt framework. The argumentation for that is irrefutable. The Qt technology is the only solution that supports a wide range of operating systems, hardware, and various architectures. It is also so mature and robust to be trusted by demanding companies from key industries such as the medical industry, military industry, and automotive.

Qt certification – certified Qt developers in Scythe Studio

Qt certification is an additional benchmark to determine the credibility of a potential Qt consulting partner. Therefore, we in Scythe Studio care about this aspect and offer our developers the possibility to get an official Qt certificate. For our customers that is a real benefit as they can be sure that our consultants have a great knowledge of the framework and skills needed to work on demanding projects.


Do not hesitate to contact us in case of a need to fuel your team with great Qt specialists or outsource the entire project.


Qt certification


The Qt Company – not only Qt framework maintainers

It is an honor to be the official service partner of The Qt Company, but you may wonder why we are so excited about that. The Qt framework is used by both major global companies and individual developers worldwide to create software of all kinds. It is used by approximately one million developers and supports a broad spectrum of operating systems, hardware platforms, and screen types. The company that is currently behind this technology is Qt Group being the main maintainer of the framework. Thanks to their constant effort we can benefit from using this awesome software development technology.

This global software company also offers Qt professional services such as end-to-end software projects development, UI/UX design, workshops, training, and much more.

Scythe Studio Qt software development services

As Qt lovers, the main services that we offer are centered around Qt development on various platforms. We work on cross-platform applications for desktop, mobile, and embedded platforms. The main area of our specialization as Qt experts is Qml development. However, Scythe Studio is a group of people with various skills such as Qt Widgets, advanced C++ programming, extensive network communication implementation, and much more.

Among services that we offer you will also find Qt training, UI/UX designing services, and software development architecture consultancy.

That was only the tip of an iceberg. See the full list of our services to discover our capabilities!
Scythe Studio Qt software development services

Scythe-Studio - Chief Executive Officer

Łukasz Kosiński Chief Executive Officer


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