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CuteTalk by Scythe Studio

Over the past weeks we have been working on a new project. We can officially present to you CuteTalk, which is a YouTube interview series in which we’ll be covering topics related to the Qt Framework, C++ language, cross-platform programming, and programming for embedded systems.

Where did the idea for such a name come from? Of course, it is a word game with the pronunciation of the name Qt, which is exactly “cute”. Thus, the combination of “cute” and “talk”.

We believe that Qt Framework is a great solution in many cases and there is a lot to talk about.That’s why we created this format. We will dig into a variety of technical and non-technical topics that will be a great resource for the Qt developer community, but not only for them. From our episodes you will be able to learn about the uses of the Qt Framework in practice, as well as interesting realizations in the QML language.

At the same time, we are open to other technologies and we are definitely not going to be biased.

All episodes are available on our YouTube channel.

If you prefer the podcast format, you can also listen on Spotify.

In upcoming episodes, you will be able to explore topics such as:

  • What is Qt Framework?
  • How to create reusable QML items?
  • Optimizing QML apps
  • Clean QML code. Why is that important?
  • Qt for Android. Insights of Qt for Android platform

The first episode is now available to you on our YouTube channel

We are aware that for those who have experience with Qt Framework, this material may be very basic. However, besides Qt insiders, we also want to attract those outside that audience to follow and enjoy our CuteTalk. The next ones will cover more advanced topics.

Without further ado, check out our first episode.

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