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Qt Creator Cheat Sheet

Qt Creator Cheat Sheet is a convenient document to improve your familiarity with Qt Creator IDE. The work of every developer can be much more effective thanks to keyboard shortcuts and our cheat sheet is full of them. You will find shortcuts for Windows, Linux, and macOS. 


Why use Qt Creator Cheat Sheet?

Qt Creator is an IDE dedicated to Qt programming. It’s a mature program constantly developed by adding new features and fixing bugs. That’s nice to have such powerful tooling. However, you can gain much more when you are familiar with keyboard shortcuts available in the IDE. It allows you to speed up work and save time needed for performing recurring actions.


Download Qt Creator Cheat Sheet

Feel free to download the Qt Creator Cheat Sheet at any moment!
We recommend printing it and hanging it next to your desk. We put our best efforts to make this reference compatible with current default Qt Creator settings. Please let us know if you notice any inconsistencies.

Follow our Facebook profile where we run the „Today’s shortcut” series. Every Friday you can expect a selected shortcut along with a short description.

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