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Scythe Studio at Qt World Summit 2022

Qt World Summit is the yearly event organized by The Qt Company for all the people interested in Qt QML coding, UX/UI designing using Qt tools, quality assurance software and in general project development using Qt framework. So it doesn’t matter if you are a developer, tester, designer or manager. Qt World Summit 2022 is an event for you.

The event takes place on Wednesday 9th November from 09:00 AM to 02:00 PM CET. It’s fully online and you can register here.

We couldn’t miss this biggest event in the world of Qt QML software development. Therefore, this year Scythe Studio sponsors Qt World Summit to make the event even greater. Lukas Kosiński – our CEO, is going to have a talk about using new CMake qt_add_qml_module() command at 11:45 CET&EST.

We will also be at two local Qt roadshows with talks regarding Qt for Automotive and Qt QML coding conventions:

  • Berlin, Amplifier, November 17th – “Another IVI Built With Qt – Why Automotive Chooses Qt”

  • Stockholm, Hotel at Six, November 24th – “How to Write Clean QML Code in 2022?”


See you there!

Qt and CMake. qt_add_qml_module in Practice  

What’s the talk about? With Qt 6, CMake became much more popular and even the default build system for Qt projects. Many Qt developers that needed to switch to CMake from qmake experienced difficulties organizing their projects.

Thankfully, many of the issues are gone thanks to newly introduced qt_add_qml_module() CMake command. It really simplifies the way of managing QML files, resources and modules. Our presentation will provide you with answers to common questions and concerns such as:

  • What is qt_add_qml_module function and what can you use it for?
  • How to add resources to your module?
  • How to integrate C++ and QML using this function?

In addition, Lukas will touch on some additional options and provide you with an open source example of a Qt QML project with a module organized using this function.

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