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Scythe Studio has been on the market since 2020, delivering numerous projects for satisfied clients and navigating a significant learning journey. We understand how challenging it is to stay at the cutting edge using outdated tutorials from the 2010s. To truly learn current tech, you need to connect with experts who have fought through many development battles, discovered new approaches, built new tools, and fixed numerous open source issues. This is how Scythe Studio has built its expertise—by tackling new, difficult challenges.

We have helped several clients who asked for more than just consulting by providing them with tailored, onsite courses. Recognizing that this was not enough, we have developed comprehensive training programs for organizations and individuals who have some basics but often don’t know how to address their questions.

At Scythe Studio, we are committed to easing your path and teaching you what we have learned. A prime example of our approach is our newest offering: the Qt Quick and QML Training.



Introducing Our Latest Training Program

The course is designed for developers who have some familiarity with C++ andwish to deepen their knowledge of Qt. It aims to enhance productivity and enable UI development from day one. Participants will gain familiarity with the essential language features for creating highly dynamic applications, expand their expertise in C++/JavaScript syntax, and learn how to seamlessly integrate QML with C++. This solid foundation will prepare developers for future projects and challenges in the ever-evolving tech landscape.


Who Will You Learn From?

Our trainer for this course is Jakub Wincenciak, a seasoned developer who transitioned to the business side of Qt development and now serves as the Head of Operations at Scythe Studio. Jakub brings hands-on experience with Qt and C++ technologies, combined with a business perspective to deliver neat and cost-effective solutions. With his expertise, you’ll gain both technical skills and valuable insights into the business aspects of Qt development.


The Full Offer

In addition to our Qt Quick and QML Training, Scythe Studio offers a diverse portfolio of training programs. Each course is rooted in real-life implementations, providing practical knowledge and honing problem-solving skills. Currently, you can develop your skills in the following areas:

  • Introduction to the Qt Framework

  • Networking with Qt

  • Building Qt Apps with CMake

  • Introduction to QML and Qt Quick

  • Advanced QML

  • Mobile Software Development in QML

  • Introduction to Qt Widgets

  • M2M Protocols with Qt

  • CI/CD for Qt Applications


This is just the beginning of what we can offer. If you have a challenge and don’t know where to start, send us your inquiry. Discover how we can assist you in advancing your skills, improving your team’s performance, finding new approaches to solving issues, and enhancing the cost-effectiveness of your codebase.



Not Convinced Yet?

Check out our expertise on our YouTube channel. Our Qt QML tutorial offers a sneak peek of our training approach and the flow of classes.

Join us to take the first step towards mastering QML and elevate your skills with expert-led sessions from technology leaders. Book your spot today and become part of our growing community of skilled developers.

For more details, visit the training services website.

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